Oh, Henry Muhlenberg!

Why must you write such tiny, tiny letters? Admittedly, the fact that they often form words in Latin or German makes it even tougher on poor undereducated me, but your English is pretty hard to make out, too. I already know I’m myopic; you and the manga people don’t need to constantly remind me.

And while we’re on the subject of your inconsiderate choices, why must you insist on nesting volumes? I’m constantly flipping to the last page, and turning the book upside down, as though I’ve got an Ace double on my hands. Which, a fair percentage of the time, I do. I expected, silly me, that the “bound volumes” section of the finding aid would be pretty straightforward, but you quickly disabused me of such notions.

Oh, Henry. But thanks for sticking leaves in that one book. There’s nothing like a 200+ year old leaf to make me smile.