In an undated letter fragment from Babbage, sitting in the Paget collection:

PPS If any experiment can be suggested as to the question whether chloroform acts on the nerves which convey sensations of pain, or upon those which contribute to memory, I shall be glad to relieve the tedium of the operation by endeavoring to attend to them.


There are some letters from Charles Babbage in the James Paget collection (which is kind of weird: it’s an autograph collection, so in many cases it’s literally a matter of lists of signatures–like a list of members of a philosophical club–but in other cases there are letters that are, now, interesting for reasons beyond the simple signature). In a 2 June 1870 letter to Mrs. Paget, Babbage discussed a “very successful experiment” involving his Analytical Engine. It added a 26 digit number and a 25 digit number in under 30 seconds.

Just a fun fact to whip out at a party. (Assuming, of course, that you go to the good sort of party, where Charles Babbage Facts are appreciated.)