Some thoughts spawned by “Diaries, On-line Diaries, and the Future Loss to Archives”

Reading Catherine O’Sullivan’s article, published six years ago, it’s a little giggle-inducing to see “blog” in quotes, alongside “live journal.” (Giggles about the former are a reminder that online life moves quickly and can drag language along with it; the latter made me scratch my head, as I can’t recall ever having heard that construction, only the more general “journal” or the service-specific name.) The blast-from-the-past list of service providers was also amusing, and I’d never heard of Opendiary or Diaryland. Of course the more recent social networking phenomena—Facebook, Twitter, etc.—are missing, rendering it even more of an artifact. The article belongs to the era when you probably weren’t hand-coding your pages any more, even if you didn’t have your own domain your address probably didn’t involve a tilde, and while your mom might read your blog she probably didn’t have one of her own and certainly wasn’t inviting you to join her Mafia Wars crew.*

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