Standards for Digital Archives webinar

Last Thursday I went to another SAA webinar…I say “went” because enough people were interested that instead of doing it in the board room of Library Hall we moved across the street to Franklin Hall. It was sort of overkill but worked well, and I was amused by the big giant rendering of straightforward bulleted PowerPoint slides.*

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Archon webinar

Last Thursday, a bunch of local archivists gathered around the table in the APS conference room for a webinar. “Archon™…making it work for you!” was, perhaps, a somewhat giddy title. But it did provide a solid overview of Archon. There were frequent, sensibly-placed pauses in the PowerPointy core of the presentation, which allowed for live demonstrations* and Q&A (by phone and chat). It was a pretty broad subject, with a broad audience: some folks were already using Archon and had specific questions, others were simply aware of its existence. (I’ve never used it, but I’ve read the documentation, so I felt like I had a decent feel for it going in.) As a result, the presentation was neither fish nor fowl, but there was still enough protein that I’m glad I was there.

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