I decided to participate in the College of Liberal Arts graduation ceremony next month. This is mostly (though not solely) for The Daughter’s benefit. Modeling lifelong learning is a good thing, and it will be a preview of the pomp and circumstance of her upcoming kindergarten graduation. Hopefully neither she nor The Son will become too terribly bored. A smaller crowd is an unexpected benefit of not finishing up in May; fingers crossed that they keep things moving.

We used venerable regalia at Bryn Mawr, returned after the ceremony for use by future students. That was a nice tradition on a campus rife with them (some warranting a capital), and the variations in style felt pleasingly eclectic rather than mismatched. (I chose a hood with actual rabbit fur. I liked the old fashioned authenticity feeling, rabbits are neither endangered nor slaughtered in mass numbers in order to produce a single bachelor’s hood, and these particular rabbits died long ago. But I also liked the fact that those more actively concerned with animal welfare had an artificial fur option.)

This time around, I am buying regalia. This is a logistical relief and will, I suspect, provide hours of dress up fun. The robe in question will be made of post consumer recycled material. Apparently I will be wearing twenty-three plastic bottles.

I am not entirely certain how I feel about this. I approve of recycling in general. Who doesn’t like sustainability? But there is a part of me that wonders if it is symbolic in some way that everyone graduating will be clothed in trash.