AcWriMo, etc.

I signed up for AcWriMo this morning, as I was procrastinating from sending out a mostly written manuscript query. My list of goals is highly fluid and contingent–interest in an article will, for example, move the completion of said article to the top of the queue, which at the moment consists of a lot of “read up on x,” “watch YouTubes about z,” and “be reactive.” So, we’ll see.

Since I will soon officially be out of grad school, I’m going to shutter this website next month. This will basically just mean turning off comments; I’m planning to leave the blog in place for posterity. Turning off comments is, perhaps, something I should’ve done a while ago. Most posts did not generate any comments, and my attention to the blog was such that conversation was even more rare. That means that I missed the chance to have a couple of potentially interesting exchanges. It also enabled the periodic drive-by toxicity in the Bubble Guppies comment thread. (That is by far the most popular post. To date it’s generated 20,037 of the site’s 25,945 views.) The take away (or rather, the Established Fact of Internet Life which is illustrated) is that doing comments well requires effort and attention. Another take away involves reaching audiences, something I should discuss in greater detail, considering that audience engagement is kind of a big part of the whole public history thing.