February miscellania

Another snow day. I am hopeful that the power will not go out again (I don’t count this morning’s two minute outage; we get those all the time, and they barely register–unlike the ice storm related outage last week, which had us huddling under wool blankets and retreating to the warmth and connectivity of the Y). And perhaps The Daughter will burn off some energy racing around the yard with the dogs, otherwise I will soon be covered with all the My Little Pony stickers.

The weather, with assists from health and jury duty, have wreaked havoc with my ability to finish digitizing things at the APS. On the one hand, if it’s gone undigitized since the 1950s, another couple weeks doesn’t matter. On the other hand, I would very much like to finish digitizing this manuscript.

Earlier this month, I went to my first hackathon. I’m very glad I went, because this is the sort of thing that I want to start doing on a semi-regular basis, and I hope that next time I’m able to contribute more. This time was personally useful for getting a sense of something I should learn more about. I was flirting with the idea of talking about the project at greater length (tweets don’t really count, though #glamhackphilly has some fun links) but Alex Brey, who drove the initial question posed to the British Museum’s open linked data, has already done a very nice job of writing up the weekend.