State of the me

Just wanted to fill in the gaps in a semester-long silence, mainly to be anal.

Last fall, I found out I was pregnant, which came as something of a surprise. The Son was born about a month early, has been happy and healthy (barring some things that require follow up but not panic) and loved. He’s sort of eaten my life (much as his older sister did, and continues to do). While I’ve thought about writing about kids in relation to academic stuff (e.g. reading Blue Jeans while contemplating maternity clothes or an article on the prosthetic qualities of genes while contemplating a fetus’s chromosomes), I mostly haven’t because of the life eating aspects.

I took my thesis colloquium last semester, and though it became clear early on that a May graduation was going to be overly aggressive, I did find it useful and do want to talk about it at some point. Similarly, I do want to talk about my topic (an unholy union of archives, public history, and 3D printing), but some of that may happen via Making History. (I’ve been meaning to play around with Drupal for a while, and this seemed like a good excuse.)

I’ve also checked out some fun digital humanities stuff (some of which I’ve mentioned, more of which I hope to mention) and will be doing a bit of digitization work in the near future. And writing the thesis.