Hazards of graduate study 3

I’m reading up on crazy quilts as background info for the upcoming class project. I have a slightly-more-than-vague intention of turning some of The Daughter’s baby clothes into a quilt, and now I think I might make it a crazy quilt. This will neatly sidestep the actual quilting portion of the program. (Because I am lazy, I like to use a machine; because I am cheap, it is an undistinguished and nonspecialized machine; because I am inexperienced, using the wrong tools and material, unlucky, or some combination, sewing through batting and backing is a particularly frustrating and time consuming ordeal.) It will also give me the flexibility to include awkward bits of fabric (things like pockets and buttons) and images (things like the Yoda on her onesie) in a way that will highlight them within the overall design scheme, rather than overpower it. It will also let me use more of any given fabric since I won’t have to worry about conforming to a standard size. If I want to go Victorian, I can add fiddly bits or embroidery, though I suspect I will largely confine myself to experimenting with the modest selection of funky stitches available on my sewing machine (see “lazy” above).

From a time management perspective, it is probably best that I not embark upon crazy quilt creation before I get a significant chunk of work done on the actual project, which actually has a due date. Quilt creation does not. Which is fortunate, given the still-incomplete baby quilt I originally intended for Christmas ’09.