Dear Archivaria

Surely you jest.

It can’t have been more than a week since I last visited your site. And don’t get me wrong, I love the content available online. Though normally I find PDFs an annoying offense against good web design, I make an exception for journal articles. But Friday night—Saturday morning, if we want to get technical—what did I find? New content, in the form of Issue 72. An issue which appears to be devoted to digital records. Your first such issue in eighteen years.

That’s right. People who weren’t yet born when you published your last electronically-focused issue can now vote.

So you wait eighteen years, and then decide to release the issue now? Why not a few weeks ago? I am, after all, writing a paper that examines digital records. And if you couldn’t release the issue in time for me to read and incorporate the articles, why couldn’t you have waited another few days, after the deadline passed? It would’ve been sort of funny, at that juncture. Now, it induces annoyance (with myself, as well as you) due to the fact that yes, technically I could read some rather interesting sounding articles, and probably incorporate some of the material into my paper, were I willing to sacrifice more sleep (and had I accomplished more farther in advance of the due date).

And while we are on the subject of Issue 72…fall? Really? I grew up in upstate New York, Archivaria, and let me assure you early December means snow at that latitude—and you’re even further north. Never mind the date of the solstice, it’s morally winter.

Oh, Archivaria. Whatever shall I do with you?