School days

The fall semester has started. I feel somewhat odd about it. For the first time this millennium, I’m taking fall classes (which is somehow qualitatively different from spring or summer classes). Two courses does not a full time student make, but it’s the first time I’ve taken more than one at a time this millennium.

For the next few months, this blog will serve a dual purpose. I’ll continue to blather about class readings and brain candy and the like. But blogging is also a requirement for Managing History, so some of the posts will contribute to my grade. The course will involve a presentation (which has never exactly been in my comfort zone, so I suppose it’s good to see it on the syllabus) and a group project to write a grant proposal. Writing a grant proposal is so far removed from my experience that I can’t relate it to my comfort geography. But, again, it’s good to stretch…and one of the APS folks was very enthused after a grant writing workshop, so I hope to find it a rewarding and useful experience.

My other class, Research in Archives and Manuscripts, is a bit more traditional in structure: reading and a big paper. A fair chunk of the first class meeting was devoted to what we all did on our summer vacation: interning in the Philly area (this past summer for most, the previous summer for a couple of us) and establishing a library in Kigali.