APS farewell banner

Photo by Mary Alice Cicerale

The NEH grant funding my APS position (and that of several other folks) wrapped up at the end of June. A bunch of us went out to lunch on Tuesday and there was an official farewell luncheon on Wednesday out in the garden. One of the conservators put together the farewell banner using some of the old folders we discarded by the truckload during rehousing. (Alas, they were from Peale-Sellers, not one of the collections I worked on. But still, a very neat aesthetic and fun souvenir: we each took a panel of the banner home. I snapped up the one with the dead squirrel hanging by its leg. Because, well, upside down dead squirrel. Plus colorful amphibian and beardy Darwin.)

I am pleased to say that I did not set off the alarm on my last day. I lost my badge, for about three minutes (it was stuck between two boxes and detached from its lanyard), and in addition to recovering it remembered to leave it at the desk when I left. (I will miss the badge. The Daughter loved pulling it out of my purse, dragging it around, and pointing to my picture while announcing “Mommy.”)

I am also pleased that I came to a logical stopping point. I finished my final collection this week, and then I (think) I did all the stupid little odds and ends I’d intended. More broadly, I feel like we did Good Work™, and there really is something to be said for job satisfaction.