Pondering a career in archives (or, I heart Randall C. Jimerson)

I read “Archives for All” after seeing a couple posts about MARAC.* It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy…well, no, not quite. Jimserson talks about the power of archives in a social justice context. I have never had the focus or drive to be an activist: there is just so much that is deeply, deeply wrong and needs to be fixed, I don’t know where to start or how I could remain sane while engaging daily with the sheer lunacy on display. Feeling “warm and fuzzy” implies comfort and contentment—feelings that are semantically contraindicated by social injustice. But the article holds out the possibility of bringing about social change in a non-adversarial fashion, of changing the game while the opponent isn’t paying attention. It is the possibility (for me personally) of activism with less risk of burn out. It’s a field where I might wear the sexy lingerie of a social justice warrior§ with the fuzzy slippers of a gainfully employed person happy to go to the office.

* I was hoping to get to the next meeting, because not only is it generally a Conference I Should Go To™, but in the fall incarnation I Know People™ who are involved. But stupid friends are having a stupid wedding that weekend. Stupid love and commitment.

This is actually one of the reasons that I scrapped the law school plan when I was in college. I don’t think I’m at my best in adversarial environments and they certainly don’t make me happy. And aside from issues of personal comfort, I have deep reservations about adversarial systems…but Why I Didn’t Want To Be A Lawyer™ is sort of off topic.

Archivists as Illuminati players? (See especially page 9.) Just with more ethics and fewer servants of Cthulhu…which is really something to strive for in any profession.

§ Whether it’s the metal bikinis of Frank Frazetta or the fishnets of Zack Snyder, we all know the female warrior must be sexily underclad.