Considerate penmanship

Baron Franz Xaver von Zach had very legible handwriting. A little loopy, with more-than-token dots above the “i”s…if he’d used circles, then we’d definitely be in girly* territory. So if you want to examine an astronomer’s correspondence and not go cross-eyed and/or crazy trying to decipher the script, you could do worse than the Baron. Knowledge of French would, of course, also be helpful.

* As in, the stereotypical handwriting of the stereotypical tween, giggling, note-passing† subset of the female of the species. Descriptive, not disparaging.

† Or, I suppose nowadays, texting. What is the texting equivalent of dotting an “i” with a circle? Is there an emoticon for that? I just don’t know. I will spell out all the words in my texts; for that matter, I’ll also use semi-colons.